the clashing of opposites
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Favorite month of the year! #december #oldpictures #family @akemi23 😛👪


Orbital vs. Faithless feat. Zoë Johnston - Crazy English Halcyon (OFFSHORE Mix)

Fields of fire that pass the train
The sky is victorious but here comes the rain
Friday is taking me home again
I’ve nothing but you on my mind

Sometimes i feel like I’m glad to be free
Sometimes i still want your arms around me
Crazy English summer…
When it rains, it pours

I think of you there in the dark, with me
Our faces just inches apart
When i think of you there, in the dark I see 
Your sad eyes build holes in my heart

Sometimes I feel like I’m glad to be free
And sometimes i wish you’d come back back to me
Oh… When it’s raining, it rains, it’s raining…

Sometimes I still want… come back… to me
When it’s raining… it rains… back to… be free 
When it’s raining it pours..

This song is absolutely perfect.

50 foot jump!  @hermit falls w/ @bperalta20 @koichi_nishi @yutaro_nishi. JUST DO IT (Taken with Instagram at Hermit Falls)
Long Beach Sunset #csulb #pyramid (Taken with Instagram at Parking Structure 2)
Hanoi. Leave your mark (Taken with Instagram at Abalone Cove Beach)
Fcuking nuts!!! @koichi_nishi  @yutaro_nishi  (Taken with Instagram at Abalone Cove Beach)
"Welcome to crossfit" - @imchrischo  (Taken with Instagram at CrossFit Code 3)
TRWs youngest employee back in the day 💵😉#vscocam (Taken with Instagram)
Rooftop garden 🚬break w/ @anybrittt @isabelofthecrux  (Taken with Instagram)
Study sesh @ art center (Taken with Instagram at Art Center College Of Design South Campus)